Porter Cable FR350BR Review

It is irritating to call the carpenter for every ordinary fix in your house. In our day to day lives, things need to be fixed anyway. Therefore, we need to learn basic woodworking. It will save us time and money, both.

Suppose you need to fix your kitchen cabinet or you want to revamp your bookshelf. If you know how to frame the nail, these tasks are like a piece of cake. Why wait for a carpenter for basic fixes and pay him your hard earned money then?

If you consider the risk factor, modern nail guns have the solution for this as well. These smart tools are functional, reliable and safe.

So get a good quality framing nailer and start learning to do your work by yourself. Nothing is better than being self-reliant in life.

PORTER CABLE FR350BR 22-Degree Full Round Head Framing Nailer Review

Porter Cable comes with a very fine framing nailer.You can frame the large nails almost effortlessly with this device. It is a round head nail gun that supports 22-degree,2 to 3 1/2 inch x 0.113 to 0.148-inchplastic collated nails.

The product has a trigger lockout feature. It helps in selecting the actuation mode of different type of shots. The depth adjustment system is also tool-free, meaning you get to choose the depth. As a result, you will be able to work on different surfaces.

It is lightweight, easy to use and dependable. A large, molded grip handle has been provided to carry it comfortably.

The item is also very accurate. It misfires rarely. Overall, it is an extremely efficient nail gun capable of framing over a thousand nails each day. Both the professionals and DIY workers will like the tool.

However, the product does have some setbacks. You may find the safety features a bit too bothering. For example, some workers complain about the fact that they have to engage the mechanism completely in order to hit the nails. Though, I reckon it is a great safety feature that prevents accidental firing.

It requires 110-120 PSIG air supply to hit the 16D nails. It will undoubtedly hamper the portability of this device as you will have to connect it to an air compressor.

The thing that I disliked most is the sparking issue. The tool releases spark during firing. So, you must exercise precaution when working near the flammable materials. Fortunately, this problem will lessen with more and frequent use.


Let’s talk about the sleek design first. It has an incredible finish. The silver-black color combination will soothe your eye. As the item weighs only 9 pounds, it is convenient to carry. Thereby, you won’t be exhausted after working long hours with the tool. Even though the product is lightweight, it is considerably sturdy too. It has a compact, well-balanced shape that prevents fatigue.

A great plus point is the inclusion of the hanging hook. It will help you to hang it around your waist. Therefore, you can use it whenever you need. You can conveniently climb a ladder or fix other stuff while hanging the tool via the hook.


Many people mistakenly consider this framing nailer as a weak tool. I mean, the sleek and lightweight construction is deceiving, to say the least. In reality, this is a mighty machine. It is powerful enough to hit the nails into 3-1/2 in. x 0.131 in. engineered lumber.


It reloads very quickly. The bouncing mechanism works perfectly. As a result, you will be able to hit consecutive shots rather easily.

On the other hand, you have to engage the safety mechanism before every shot. Some users complained that it kills much of their valuable time.


One of the best advantages of this machine is that it won’t misfire frequently. Many workers don’t like a nail gun because of this irritating issue. As this tool misfires occasionally, it will be a great item to use in the professional setting.

It has a large, comfortable handle grip. Resultantly, the device fits in hand naturally. The hanging hook will help to keep your hands free when you are not using the tool.


There is a trigger lock to prevent premature triggering. Though, the sparking issue has raised several eyebrows over the safety feature of the unit.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the 21-degree nails in this gun?

It is a 22-degree nail gun. So, you better use 22-degree plastic nails. Some people have informed that it works fine with the 21-degree nails as well.

Q: Is it a refurbished product?

Oh, yeah. But, the good thing is that it is a certified refurbished product that works and looks like new. But, do buy from a reliable seller that provides a warranty.

Q: How can I ensure more safety when working with this tool?

It is advised to wear safety goggles during working with a framing nailer. Moreover, you can wear protective gloves to keep yourself safer. Read the instructions before using the gun. Most importantly, do not use the gun near a flammable object.

Q: Does it come with a protective goggle?

Unfortunately not, but you can buy one from the store.

Q: How to oil my nailer?

You should lubricate the nailer regularly to get the best performance out of it. Use light, pneumatic oil in the moving parts. Carefully apply the oil near the fitting of the tool. The oil comes in different viscosity for different nail guns. Therefore, use the specific oil for your tool.

End Thought

I will not say it is the best framing nailer in the market. But, it is convenient, functional and comes at an attractive price. These attributes have made this gun a very lucrative option for consumers.

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