Nail Gun Maintenance – A Comprehensive Guide Every DIYer Must Read

A nail gun is a tool that ejects nails into a workpiece when the trigger is activated. It is a very convenient way of nailing workpieces as opposed to the traditional hammering. This tool is well known to raise productivity by as much as 40 percent and therefore has become essential in all woodwork lovers’ lives.

Although nail guns are generally quite easy and convenient to use, maintaining them properly needs some regular care. Otherwise, these guns, like any other tools, will stop being as much efficient as it was initially.

This article covers all the necessary steps that you need to take to maintain your nail gun properly. Let’s begin.

Oil the Nail Gun

The first and foremost step of maintaining the nail gun is to oil it properly. A nail gun has many parts that keep moving constantly, so it is a must to oil them to prevent them from getting rusty. These guns mainly work through pistons, and oils help to keep the piston from getting jammed.

However, while oiling you should definitely make sure that you are not being too liberal. Excess oil can make the tool faulty, resulting in dripping oil mid-work. It can also cause the tool to become slippery, causing it to slide away from your hand in the middle of an operation. This kind of incidents can lead to quite big accidents.

You will need to oil your nail gun regularly for the best results. Pneumatic gun oil or air tool oils are the best for this purpose. The frequency of oiling the nail gun should depend on how much and for how long you use it.

If you use it continuously every day for some big wood project that you are working on, it is best to oil it twice a day. If you do not use it that much throughout the day, oiling it once will do the job perfectly.

Oiling is a really important maintenance measure that should be followed religiously in case of these guns. It can save you from a lot of potential problems in the gun and can save your money by keeping the gun in good condition for many years to come.

Areas You Need to Oil

Below are the components where you have to oil;

  • The Trigger

The trigger is one of the most important parts of the gun. It needs to maintain very carefully because if the trigger does not work, your gun is as good as useless. Performance quality also depends on the speed of your trigger.

You should check this part regularly once in a while. If it feels like it is moving slowly or might get jammed anytime soon, it would be best to oil it.

  • The Air Fitting

The air fitting of the gun needs to be properly oiled so that it does not get stuck while working. A few drops of air tool oil will do the trick. While cleaning the air feed, moisten the o rings inside the fitting with a little bit of oil on your fingers. This will keep it in good shape.

  • The Feed System

Oiling the feed system is also a necessary step. Many people do not perform this as they are worried about the oil accumulating extra grime and dirt. The right kind of nail gun oil can prevent it from happening.

How to Oil The Nail Gun?

Here’s how you will oil your gun;

Step 1: Disconnect the gun from the power source.

Step 2: Remove any nails remaining on the inside.

Step 3: Take 4 to 5 drops of oil and use it to lubricate the recommended areas.

Step 4: Reconnect the hose to the gun.

Step 5: Press the trigger for around 5 times so that the oil is spread evenly across the gun.

Other Maintenance Techniques

Here are the other things that you need to do for the maintenance of a nail gun.

  1. Inspect the Screws And Bolts

If the screws and bolts of the gun come loose during a session of nailing, you can imagine the severity of the consequences. Therefore, it is a must to inspect all the screws and bolts of nail guns on a monthly basis or at least once every two months.

If you see any screws in a loose state in the gun, get a screwdriver and tighten them up. Replace the screws if they somehow suffer any kind of damage that will not allow them to function properly.

  1. Examine the Battery

Cordless nail guns usually run on batteries. Most models usually have an expiry date or lose their charging capacity as time passes. Check the battery while buying to be sure of the date it will expire at. Also, inspect it periodically to be sure that everything is going alright.

  1. Ensure That the Hose Is Fine

The hose is an important part of the nail gun as it is used to provide the power supply to the gun. Make sure that the hose does not have any holes or cracks in it. Because that can result in an interrupted workflow.

  1. Use the Correct Size and Type Of Nail

Problems can arise in your nail gun from something as trivial as not using the right size of nails. Therefore, it is very important to use the correct size and type of nail according to the size and type of gun.

  1. Use the Required Amount of Air Pressure

All nail guns come with manuals or have the instructions on using them listed on their website. Read through these instructions carefully to know about the right amount of air pressure to use while powering these guns.

  1. Keep Away from Moisture

Environments with a high amount of moisture can attract dirt and also turn your nail gun rusty. Therefore, store your gun in a cool, dry place, away from any kind of moisture.


If you follow all these steps, your gun will always be in top-notch condition along the years of its use. Hope this article will help you in following through with the process!

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