Top 10 Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer in 2020

When it comes to carpentry, the work might seem aggressive and rough. But it is an art. Woodworking is the art of creation with wood, hammer, saw, and all the other heavy tools you can think of. Whatever tool you are using, the product is always something beautiful.

Pin nailers are the most precise tools in carpentry. You use these tools when you want finesse and beauty in your result. The best 23 gauge pin nailer is the tool that promises you outstanding finish without damaging your wood.

Whether it’s a home project or a client work, you can use nail guns to make your work easier. And if you are looking for one, I have the perfect list for you below.

10 Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

As promised, here I have a list of products from all different brands and price ranges that you can easily avail. Read on to pick the best appliance for your wood crafts.

1. Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

This is not just my top pick; Hitachi has to be the favorite of every passionate craftsman out there! The product is outstanding when it comes to performance.

If you have tried working with pin nailers before, you certainly have experienced some jamming issues. But with this one, you won’t ever have to deal with pin getting jammed. So, no annoyance whatsoever!

After you have effortlessly loaded the pin, you can use your tool with ultimate ease. It is not that heavy and weighs only 2 pounds. This product comes with exciting safety features, which include the safety goggles that come in the package!

You can swing the nailer around if you wish; it is so light and easy to handle! We all know about dads who love working with their kids. In my opinion, this is the equipment you can bond with your kids over.

There is a port for exhaust in the rear end. This port gets the dirt, debris, and oil away from your working area. It is pretty common to come across wood splatters when you are using nail guns. Having an exhaust will keep debris caused by splattering away from your working area.

Adjusting depth is simple with this appliance. You can even change it within seconds! The equipment saves time, is easy to use, and can be an awesome addition to your workplace.



2. NuMax SP123 Pneumatic 23 Gauge 1″ Micro Pin Nailer

This brilliant model is my 2nd pick of pinguns. The nailer is appropriate for both professional and aspiring home craftsmen out there.

When it comes to features, this product will blow your mind! You even get an awesome pin size measurer and selector along with your nailer. Playing around with this unique product during leisure time will be your new favorite pastime in the future!

You can work with pin sizes of ½ inches to 1 inch. The belt hook that comes with it is reversible, which makes working with this equipment easier and less time-consuming. 

Safety features to protect your hand and surroundings are included in the equipment. It comes with a trigger that rotates; this ensures the safety of your hands and arms. Pins can be nailed easily yet precisely using this nailer; you will be impressed with the results! 

Although the product is outstanding, I would recommend being careful while firing the pin. Some users have complained about incidents of misfires and double fires. All you need to do is be cautious about the trigger to prevent any hazardous incidents from happening.

I would recommend the product to be more suitable for home usage rather than professional usage. NuMax has faced multiple complaints regarding its model because the pins tend to get jammed while loading. This can be a huge bummer for you if you are a professional and just want something that works quickly.

Apart from the incidents of misfires and jamming, the tool is awesome and works amazingly on many kinds of woods. You can give it a try!



3. PORTER-CABLE PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Porter is a reputed company in the pin nailer industry. You can rely on this product without worry. Use it on your woodworks and see the results yourself!

Wood makers all around the world love this appliance for its features, ease of usage, and of course, excellent performance! This might be the most user-friendly nailer you will find in the list. The product is said to be so helpful that it will motivate you to work more!

The equipment works like a gun, yes! A gun. And what’s more interesting is that the Pin holder is called a magazine. Marketing Skim? Maybe, nonetheless,this shape has its perks; that being, it makes the tool a lot more fun to work with. Oh yeah, did I mention that it has no jamming issues?

Comfort was taken highly into consideration while making this product. There is a handgrip made of rubber, which eliminates sweating and ensures that you have more control over the appliance.

Pin adjusts automatically, and if you want to use different sizes, that’s not an issue either. You won’t have to twitch or rotate your pin for loading.  This feature is not available in many pin nailers, which makes this product a favorite among users.

The Magazine has a maximum capacity of 170 pins, meaning you don’t have to load pins frequently. You will be able to see the number of nails left in the pin nailer so you can refill it according to your needs.



4. BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge 1/2-Inch to 1-3/16-Inch Pin Nailer

This particular model from a reputed company can be your greatest asset if you are into woodwork. Imagine working in your backyard, shooting pins into wood swiftly without making any noises, won’t you like that?

BOSTITCH HP118K is the best equipment you can do that with. Whether it’s a home project or a project for a client, you are promised to have fun with this one.

The productcomes with all the features you need in a gauge pin nailer. It has the safety features, dual trigger, includes exhaust, and has an amazingly attractive design.

If you are worried about jamming, you are in the right place! This particular product will never jam. You can hastefully use it for a long period. 

Using a pin nailer can be tricky for many. But you don’t have to worry about your performance while you are using this one. The product looks bulky but is lightweight. It won’t be a hassle to work with and won’t cause damage to your wood either.

I would recommend not using this particular product on softwood or anything fragile like veneer. The pin gun performs well on all other types of woods and furniture but can cause marring to softwood. 

Sincethe pins used in this nailer are not very long (1/2 inches to 1inch), it is not suitable for woods like maple and oak. You will need longer pins for those types of woods. It is not great for countersinking into hardwoods, either.

As long as you are using wood of moderate depth, this is the pin nailer for you!



Looking for the most precise, durable, and modern pin nailer? This one will tick all your boxes.

This device weighs only 3 pounds! It is very small compared to other bulky equipment you use in the workshop. The small size and low weight make this pin nailer extremely easy to use. You won’t get tired even after using it for hours.

The product is very durable. It can last around 5-6 years without any issues. So, if you are a professional, you can easily use this for all your projects.

A selector for pin size comes attached to the pin nailer. This will benefit you in choosing appropriate pin sizes. As there are no jamming issues, you can just choose your pin size and load them instantly.

Pins used in this product are of the standard size (1/2 inches to1 inch). If you are thinking about changing your old pin gun, you won’t have to throw away the pins. This equipment will be compatible with them.

There is safety for the trigger. But you will need to rotate the trigger for using this safety feature. The trigger either has to be on or off, which means the safety feature is not functioning while you are working. It is great if you have kids, then they won’t be able to use the pin gun.

The price of this product is lower than the other options listed so far. So, if you are looking for something that has low limitations but is highly budget-friendly, this is the best pick for you!



6. Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner

Do you work with hardwoods and strong materials? Then this is the pin gun for you. Thistoolhas the capability of drilling through the strongest wood and offer outstanding finish!

When it comes to pin nailing tools, the motor is something you should be cautious about. More powerful the motor; better its capability of drilling.

If you work with strong and thick materials that no other pin nailing tools can drill through, keep your trust in this product, you will be able to nail all kinds of hardwood, including oak without damaging the surface texture.

The tip of this tool comes with no marring feature. This means that whatever you do, your wood surface stays shiny and split free! The product looks sleek in appearance and has awesome speed in drilling.

Fastener of different lengths and their adjustments won’t be necessary in this case. The innovative design of this product is patented.  So, there is absolutely no need for any kind of adjustment!

Safety features include the prevention of double triggers. You would not be firing nails twice, even by mistake. This saves time and also makes the product more suitable for amateur handymen.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will have fun using this pin gun. It has that artistic touch to it; the simplicity in its design and the comfort it provides makes it one of the best pin guns in the market.

Detailed work of crafts is easily done with this nailer. The nose is smaller than many others, so it reaches spaces and corners, which might seem unreachable. You will have the greatest finish with this appliance.



Here comes another outstanding pin gun. Pinners can be tricky to work with; these products make it easier. You will enjoy and marvel at your creation while working with this tool.

This device is used mostly by professionals. The product is so popular that some professionals even voted it to be the best in the market. Even if you are not a professional woodworker, you will be able to use this appliance easily. It will fit right into your workshop.

Mechanisms of this gauge pinner include a lock for safety. Do you have kids? If yes, then this is the equipment for you. Although this machine is a bit pricy, it is worth every penny.

Obviously, like any other Grex product, the machine has an awesome motor. It does not make a sound but performs amazingly. Your pins will swiftly enter the wood as if they belong there. 

Best thing about this particular equipment is the nail size. You can use 2-inch nails with this one! If you work with really hard and thick wood, this will come in handy.

Don’t worry; you will be able to use the shorter pins as well. The machine adjusts itself with the pin size automatically. So, there is no chance of hazards or breakdowns.

The handle of this machine is not made of rubber, but it is soft. This ensures that you don’t have to hold ittightly, and your hands won’t cramp. Say goodbye to hand ache after vigorous woodwork!

However, its tip has the no marring feature, which means you will be able to use it for softwood. Trims can be variable, and you can adjust it however you want.



Quick, easy, and comfortable; these are the three words to use for describing this particular tool. You can work on any kind of project with this highly compatible equipment!

Working long hours can be exhausting. But not with this device! The handle grip it comes with is outstanding. You can go on working for hours and hours without any feeling of cramp in your hands using this machine. Its grip is overmolded, which makes it one of the most comfortable pin nailers.

This particular machine will fit right into your budget. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend much on a pinner gun, this is the best choice for you. The nail gun comes with everything a home craftsman might need. You will enjoy it.

Lightweight and small devices are perfect for smaller projects. This device is just that; it is so light that a toddler will be able to pick it up.

Easiness in its usage and the low weight does not mean the machine has less power. Its pneumatic power source ensures smooth nailing of pins. This makes it one of the tops in cordless 23 gauge pin nailer reviews. The device is precise and works fast.

If you ever need oil for the tool, you don’t have to buy it because the package includes one tube. This is awesome for beginners and will help them choose a type of oil as well. The adjustable exhaust in this tool adds to its flexibility of usage.



Woodworking is more fun with this tool. It is not time-consuming, is swift, and works great for many types of wood. Anybody would enjoy working with this pinner!

Auto adjustment, locking mechanism, exhaust; everything you need is included in the nailer. You will have no trouble using it with ease. The nailer comes at a lower price as well!

You do not have to adjust your pins while using this nail gun. This will save time as well as is safer than pinners, which require adjustment. The auto adjustment feature has become somewhat of a standard now.

Most devices use pins having a length of 1/2 inches to1 inch;this one does so, as well. So, even if you stop using the product, you will be able to keep the nails. 

There is a term called ‘dry firing.’ This happens when you accidentally fire nails. The safety lock in your nailer is here to prevent that from happening. You will also be notified when there are not enough pins, and you need to reload.



10. Makita AF353 23 Gauge, 1-3/8″ Pin Nailer

Last but not least, the tool is regarded as unique and aesthetically pleasant. If you are looking for something to use at home, this highly affordable one is perfect for you.

This product comes with a very beautiful case. The nailer is lightweight, durable, and very affordable. If you are a beginner, you certainly should try something on the less expensive side; this device is just that.

The device is not bulky. If you are a teenager or a college kid looking for a nailer, you can use it inside the house. It does not make much noise, so neighbors won’t be disturbed.

Furthermore, the Motor of this device is very powerful. Along with the low weight, its powerful motor makes the nailerperfect for home or backyard projects. You can easily build a house for your puppy or a treehouse using this nail gun.

No chance of blank fires as the lock is included in the machine. This makes it more appropriate for young kids who are intro craftsmanship.

It can hold nails in its Magazine, so you don’t have to load it very often. You can load a maximum of 130 pins at once. The tip is no marring; you will be able to use it on softwood.

Batteries are not required for this machine. All you need is a socket with electricity to plug the cord in, and you are done!

The package includes many things. Safety glasses, along with oil, come with the gun, so as soon as you buy it, you are ready to start your project. This tool does not rust easily. It has an aluminum coating, which makes the surface rust preventing and long-lasting. An exhaust is included to clean your work area.



Features to Consider Before Buying

Pin nailers can make your work easier and many times faster. If you have already decided which product you like best from the 23 gauge pin nailer reviews; check out the features below before buying:

Position of Exhaust

Make sure whenever you are purchasing a nail gun, the exhaust faces another way. If it’s facing you, all the debris will just fly to your face. Even if that keeps your work area clean, that won’t be of much help.

Take your time looking at the product itself, and then choose to buy the product.


Even if you are a beginner and are not sure whether you will use your pin nailer in the future, invest in a durable one. Many tools can break down after only one day of usage.

You want to buy something that lasts. When you have no use for it, you can resell it to someone else. Always buy every tool after checking its durability.

Pin Size Compatibility

Most nailers are compatible with pin size of ½ inches to1 inch. If you need a longer pin, there are nail guns for that. Consider what project you will be using the tool in, and then choose the nail gun.

Usually, professionals prefer pinners with a wider range. This means you can do more projects with only one nail gun. But if it doesn’t fit in your budget, you can always choose one that does.


No jamming and no dry firing; these two are a must for any good nail gun. A pin nailer that gets jammed during every usage is not worth your money. You need something that works swiftly, and the pin loading processshould not be an issue.

Keep in mind that you are purchasing the tool for making your work easier. The tool should neverbe more work for you.

Safety Features

This is not only for pin nailer, whenever you are buying any tool; check for the safety features it is offering. Every pin nailer should include a safety lock, handgrips, and goggles for usage. 

Handgrips will give you more control over the work you are doing. This also decreases the chance of wood splitting.

Capacity of Magazine

Depending on your work, you can load your Magazine. Nobody likes to stop for reloads frequently, so the magazine capacity is an important feature. Usually, the capacity is 130 pins. But it can be more or less, depending on the type and brand.

If you use your gun for longer periods, look for higher magazine capacity.

Depth Control Feature

Always look for a pin nailer that has depth control. This will ensure that whatever your wood’s thickness is, you will be able to drill it perfectly. Usually, not all types of wood come with the same density. And when you are working on any project, a sheet of different thicknesses is used.

With this feature, your air compressor pressure will not need any kind of adjustment if you change the woods. It will adjust itself and give you more control.

Usage of Pin Nailer

Pin nailer is mainly used to prevent the wood from splitting. If you love the surface you are working on, then you need a pin nailer. There arealso other benefits; they are:

  • Smooth Finish with No Nailer Holes

Pin nailers are great for retaining the beauty of your surface. As it is practically headless and uses tiny pins, no noticeable mark is left on the wood. If you would like to decorate your project after you are done, this tool is excellent for you.

  • Attaching Fragile Wood Pieces

If the trim you are working with opens up very easily or detaches, you can attach it with a 23 gauge nail gun. This will ensure that the trim stays in place.

  • Fixing Old Furniture

Although the pins are small, they can hold your wood pieces tightly and make sure that whatever you are building; stays up. As the gun is easy to use and handle, it is awesome for fixing anything that comes off from huge furniture or wall.

  • Holding Wood Pieces Temporarily

You can use pin nailers to hold two pieces of wood as the glue dries. If you use glue often to attach the wood pieces, you can easily pin them together and pull the pin out once the glue has dried.

The pins of nail guns are easy to pull out. You can even do it by hand, but I recommend using a tool.

  • Use in Veneers

Pin nailers are the most appropriate tool for attaching veneer. These wood sheets are so thin that any other nailer will just destroy it. When you are attaching the veneer to a wall, you can glue it and then pin it with the nail gun until it dries. You do not have to take out the nail as it is barely noticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there more than one trigger option?

No, there is usually just one trigger option.

  1. Which one is better? Brad Nailer or Pin nailer?

Both of these tools are used for different kinds of woods. When it comes to thin wood, pin nailer certainly performs better than brad nailer. It is wise to use each nailer for its appropriate usage.

  1. When should I get a Pin Nailer?

If you have a thin sheet of wood that your present nailer is damaging, you should purchase a pin nailer.

Pin nailers can also reach smaller spaces. So, if you need a nailer for reaching narrow spaces, you should get a pin nailer.

  1. Do Pin Nailers work for Hardwoods?

Yes, Pin nailers can be used for working with hardwoods. But you need to be careful while choosing a product and be aware of the wood type as many nailers might not support your wood type.

  1. What is the Appropriate Nail Size?

The nail size depends on your project. It is wise to choose a nail size of over ½ inches. Nail sizes smaller than that are rarely available and not compatible with many pin nailers.

Final Words

Choosing the best from a list of 10 is fairly difficult. Consider your budget, your needs, and your project plan before you set the mind on any tool.

Pin nailers are fun and engaging tools to work with; you would want to make the best of it. Choose the best 23 gauge pin nailer according to your requirements; it will be able to achieve your level of excellence!

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