Top 10 Benefits of Using A Nail Gun

Many people who love doing DIY projects today still prefer to use hammers when doing nail work.

Without a doubt, hammers are essential tools; whatever project you’re undertaking, in the majority of cases you’ll need the help of a hammer.

However, there are just so many ways to save time in this age of mechanization. If you’re a prolific DIYer, especially, it makes a lot of sense to replace your hammer with a nail gun. That’s why, today, I’ve compiled a list of the ten best advantages of using a nail gun.

So if you still haven’t jumped on the nail gun bandwagon, maybe this article will change your mind.

1. Much More Efficient Than Hammers

While it may be comforting to continue the tradition and use hammers for your DIY projects, there are a few things to consider first.

A hammer requires you to use two hands, where a nail gun can be carried with only one hand and maneuvered with much more ease and efficiency.

More importantly, if you use a hammer, you have to also carry the nails around with you. A nail gun is built to beat this encumbrance entirely. Most nail guns are able to carry up to 100 nails at a time.

This lets you enjoy an uninterrupted flow of work, at least relative to having to carry nails uncomfortably between your teeth.

In comparison to a nail gun, then, using a hammer can prove to be quite tedious.

2. Frees Up One Hand

Any DIY project obviously requires a lot of coordinating and organizing. You must place your tools where they will be most accessible to you. You must keep your required materials within arm’s reach.

Having one hand free to do all this can make all the difference in making your DIY experience a more pleasant one.

Unlike using a hammer, which requires you to use both hands, a nail gun is lighter and much more accurate. This means that you only have to use one hand to be able to use it steadily.

That extra bit of support that the nail gun provides really does go a long way.

3. Increased Accuracy

When you use a hammer, there is every possibility that you will either hammer the nails in crookedly or miss your target.

When you use a nail gun, however, there is usually very little chance of having to re-do the nail.

This is augmented by the fact that there are nail guns on the market that allow you to adjust the nail size. This means you can use a variety of nails.

Some nail guns also come with work lights. This further ensures the accuracy of nail placement, especially if you are working in low-light conditions.

If you’re working with many different depths, your task is made infinitely easier with a nail gun. You can easily adjust the depth of the drill if you use a nail gun.

4. Substantially Saves Time

Not only for DIY but in every sphere of life, it’s easy to understand why mechanization is a far better option than manual work. I’m talking about saving time, of course.

If you use a hammer to drive in your nails manually, you have to invest extra time to ensure the accuracy of the nail placement.

When you use a nail gun, though, there is less chance of messy finishes or inaccurate placement. Technology is great, right?

5. Durable and Long-Lasting

One of the factors that may dissuade you from switching to a nail gun is probably the cost. Yes, it’s true that a nail gun is quite pricey compared to a regular old hammer.

However, it’s also an investment. The best nail guns will last years if maintained properly and continue to make your DIY tasks easier for a long time.

6. Eliminates Need to Carry Nails

If you’ve worked with hammers, you’ll know that one of the most annoying things is having to carry the nails around in a bucket, or much worse, in your mouth or your hand.

Not only does this waste space, but it also makes you uncomfortable!

Nail guns do away with this idea entirely.

Especially if you don’t want to be weighed down by bags and appendages, a nail gun is your best friend. Nail guns are designed to carry a large number of nails in their barrel.

So with a nail gun, can move around much more easily compared to having to carry a heavy hammer and nails. Just strap your nail gun onto your utility belt and you’re good to go.

7. A Much Safer Option

Your fingers are at the highest risk of being injured when you work with nails.

Once you get the hang of a nail gun, you’ll be much safer when performing your tasks.

This is because, unlike while using a hammer, you don’t have to hold nails in place when you use a gun. The aforementioned accuracy of a nail gun eliminates the risk you run with a hammer.

Accidentally hitting your nails or fingers while working is one of the biggest injury hazards in construction, so a nail gun is much safer in the long run.

8. Ensures Improved Craftsmanship

If you’re involved with woodwork, you’ll know the importance of craftsmanship. Using a hammer can often get in the way of this as the work is likely to be more patchy and disproportionate.

But because of increased accuracy and overall smoothness of operation, a nail gun can help in this regard by letting you make cleaner finishes.

9. Increased Convenience and Efficiency

When you nail manually using a hammer, it usually takes two to three hits to get the placement of the nail right. Nail guns, however, are electrically operated. This means that you can get the job done with just one hit.

And yet there is no compromise of pressure and force. Every nail is treated the same way, which ensures the same finish for all the nails you use.

It also means that you have to use much less energy.

Plus, as I said earlier, you don’t have to carry your nails around with you. One less thing to worry about as you work.

10. Various Types Suited to Specific Tasks

Not every DIY project is the same, as you know. More importantly, it’s more likely that you specialize in a certain field of DIY more than others.

Accordingly, nail guns come in different sizes, shapes, and specifications. Here are a few examples.

There is the framing nailer, for example, which can help you do all sorts of tasks related to construction, particularly framing.

Similar to this is the roofing nailer, which is best for driving nails into the wood at extremely high speeds.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are finishing nailers, which are typically used for finish carpentry work. They are designed to be used with nails of very specific sizes.

So, no matter what your purpose, there is a nail gun out there for you.


The benefits of using a nail gun are certainly not limited to 10 only. However, if I go on to write about all of them, it would be a small book instead of an article.

Nevertheless, if you weren’t convinced already, I’m sure this article has convinced you to use a nail gun.

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